another set of commissions on FA

oh gosh I've been scrolling down your blog for at least two hours and I absolutely ADORE your art! You totally inspire me to get off my ass and draw more! I love your style and literally everything you do just omg you're amazing ^^

oooomg thank you so much you sweetie..

Hey guys, here’s a new commission post! Prices have remained the same but I wanted to give it a better look. For more examples head over to my art blog right here. If you’d like to contact me about a commission or if you have any questions or concerns, send me an ask right over here. If you can’t or don’t want to get a commission yourself, I would really appreciate a signal boost if you think others might be interested!

last set of icons rip me

first batch of icon commissions <:


Please consider commissioning me for art. Examples are on my art blog. Prices are $5-$25, but are flexible to your budget, really. I can do humans, furries, original characters, fanart, nsfw, whatever. I will also take on projects to design you a character from scratch. Paypal only.

Hit me up.

could you please draw Nowi as a princess (and bonus if Pan is a knight OR vice versa) please?


only jad the energy for her but here you go (i rediscovered a brush)

How about Virion?

did u mean TRASH

Please draw Chrom sucking lots and lots of dick. Please


i cant believe it

"I’m gonna kill you!"

henry has taken my heart by storm SLAY ME