someone wanted happy fenris and someone wanted fenris laughing at hawke. all this fandom seems to want is a happy fenris i am glad

does anyone have any……….. dragon age requests?

fuck this stupid game and my lack of time to make proper fanart fuck it all

royall means red but hes everything but

i worked hard on this ok

idk why i never posted this???? enjoy doodle


ginger boy on left is mine. asshole on the right is ambrose’s

Brush Settings? :0 if you don't mind I mean

heres 4 that i use pretty often, i don’t have a specific way to use them and they’re all used for just about every and any purpose, from sketching to lining to colouring. I play around with the blending a lot especially if I’m colouring.

I might have forgotten a few but feel free to ask me what I used for a specific drawing and I’ll probably remember.

they keep me warm

gay elf on right is ambrose’s